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Boys in Southern Madagascar enjoy miracle ‘peanut paste’ 

A UNICEF vaccinator arrives in the remote village of Kankelena and delivers vaccines by donkey
© UNICEF/UN0496554/Andrianantenaina

Malnourished three-year-old Hasina and two-year-old Morizio enjoy their Plumpy'Nut® sachets at their local health centre in Andory, Madagascar. This special peanut-based therapeutic food provides them with vital nutrients needed to treat malnutrition. 

Drought and COVID-19 have created devastating impacts for children in Southern Madagascar. More than 1.1 million people struggle to access food regularly, and half a million children under five years old are projected to be malnourished by April 2022.  

Help UNICEF reach more children like Hasina and Morizio and provide them with access to life-saving food.