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Delivering vaccines in hard-to-reach communities in refugee camps

Sajeda is dedicated to rural health
© UNICEF/UN0220659/Krishan & © UNICEF/UN0220658/Krishan

For eight years, four times a week, Sajeda Begum has taken a tuk-tuk and then walked several kilometers with her vaccines to raise awareness about routine immunisation and to vaccinate children against measles and rubella.

Sajeda is determined to prevent disease from spreading in a remote village in Ramu, a sub-district of Cox’s Bazar in the Rohingya refugee camps, Bangladesh.

UNICEF believes that no child should die of a preventable disease. That’s why we procured nearly 2.5 billion doses of vaccines in 2017 and are using them globally to protect children.

A mobile vaccine fridge thermometer means that people like Sajeda can transport vaccines safely to some of the most remote and hard-to-reach places in the world, making sure no child is left behind.