100 Meningitis Treatments

Tragically most newborns die from perinatal asphyxia, neonatal infections or prematurity. These deaths are largely preventable. This gift is an antibiotic treatment that helps newborn babies prevent infections and has also been used in response to meningitis.

Give the gift of survival.

Making a world of difference to child survival 

Mariam holding her 4-day olf baby girl, who only survived due to the meningitis treatment being administered to her right after birth.
© UNICEF/UN0205628/
Mariam (left) holds her sleeping 4-day-old baby girl, Kadia while her mother smiles at her at the Reference Health Centre in Mali. Baby Kadia was born with an infection that is often deadly to newborns.

Without the antibiotics administered to her right after birth, she might have died. 

Mariam says: “I was in good health during the entire pregnancy. I was so happy to have her. But she wasn’t well, she wouldn’t drink my milk. I was scared. Her body was so hot. She would only sleep. She had been lying next to me in bed the whole weekend. I didn’t sleep through a single night. I thought the baby would die. I didn’t want her ‘to go back yet’ as we say here. They gave her an injection of antibiotics and something to lower the fever. They hospitalized her. I felt relieved when she was treated. If I hadn’t come, she would have died. Now I can sleep; I feel better, and my baby feels calmer, too. She drinks my milk now. It relieves me. I hope she grows older and that she won’t have any more problems with her health.”