140 measles vaccines

Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children and those who survive face life-long disabilities including blindness and brain damage. Immunisation is the most cost-effective and safe means to prevent the highly infectious disease. But to really work, it needs to reach every child, everywhere.

Give the gift of protection.

Protecting children from measles in Syria 

Joelle is being vaccinated against Measles in Syria
© UNICEF/UN0126030/Al- Asadi

Joelle is just five years old, and is not afraid of receiving her measles vaccination because she knows it will keep her safe and healthy.
“Joelle is not scared of the vaccine since her mother
told her that it will protect her from many diseases”
UNICEF is supporting a national measles campaign in Syria that will see 8,383 health workers vaccinate over 3.5 million children between the ages of five and twelve against measles.

This Inspired Gift helps UNICEF to continue to reach real children like Joelle, providing them with a lifetime of protection from an otherwise deadly disease.