140 measles vaccines

Measles claims too many lives each year. While it can be fatal, those who survive can face life-long disabilities, including blindness and brain damage. Vaccination is the most cost-effective and safe means to prevent this highly infectious disease. But to really work, it needs to reach every child, everywhere.

Give the gift of protection.

Protecting children from measles in Samoa 

Polu is being vaccinated against Measles in Samoa
© UNICEF/UNI232367/Stephen

Polu is just eight-months old, and is one of the many children who received a measles vaccination as part of a UNICEF-supported National Vaccination Campaign in response to a measles outbreak in the Pacific region.

Nurses like Lucy are on outreach programs to take vaccines and health care information to families that can’t make it to a clinic or vaccination site.

In response to the measles outbreak, UNICEF quickly deployed expert health staff, delivering more than 115,500 doses of measles vaccines and other resources such as tents.

This Inspired Gift helps UNICEF to continue to reach real children like Polu, providing them with a lifetime of protection from an otherwise deadly disease.