150 measles vaccines

This life-saving pack of 150 measles vaccines will help prevent the spread of measles worldwide.

Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children and those who survive face life-long disabilities including blindness and brain damage. Immunisation is the most cost-effective and safe means to prevent the highly infectious disease. But to really work, it needs to reach every child, everywhere.

Give the gift of protection with 150 measles vaccines and provide life-saving immunisation against the disease.

Ensure that 100% of children like Maseo receive the life-saving immunisation they need.

Woman with her recently vaccinated baby in Angola

Four month old Maseo, shown here with his mother Rosa, has just been weighed, measured and vaccinated against measles at a UNICEF-supported vaccination site in the municipality of Kalumba Kiashi, on the outskirts of Luanda, Angola. Angola is one of 8 countries with the lowest rates of immunisation. UNICEF is working to ensure that 100% of children like Maseo receive the life-saving immunisations they need.

Vaccinations have become even more important here since news of a measles outbreak in this neighbourhood and cholera outbreaks around the country have been making the news. Rosa knows from experience that immunisations are important in protecting her children.

I feel like my children don't get as sick as other children

Not everyone in her community is aware of the importance of immunisation in preventing disease. Employing a strategy called RED (Reach Every District), UNICEF is working with local organisations, as well as traditional and religious leaders to map out and reach areas with high numbers of missed children.