20 Rotavirus vaccines

More than 215,000 children under 5 years old die annually from rotavirus infections, which infect nearly every child at least once before the age of 5. This vaccine forms a comprehensive strategy to control this deadly virus.

Give the gift of protection.

Protecting children from rotavirus in Jordan

Kholud is being vaccinated against Rotavirus in Jordan
© UNICEF/UN0303634/Herwig
Kholud, 3 months old, receives her rotavirus, hexa and polio vaccinations in Azraq Refugee Camp.  

To keep children safe and healthy in the camp, UNICEF supports the Ministry of Health to provide immunization services in the camp and empowers parents to protect their children with vaccines. This is particularly important in refugee camps, where disease can spread quickly. 
“The vaccines protect her from sickness
and disease. I hope for her to have all
the good things in life and an education.”
Children in their earliest years are most vulnerable to contracting communicable diseases in challenging living environments.