300 anti-malarial tablets

Once a young child is infected with malaria a deadly clock begins ticking. The child's best hope is to access anti-malarial treatment within 24 hours.

Nearly half a million people die of malaria every year. Most of these fatalities are young children, lives that could have been saved.

Give the gift of health. 

Protecting mums and babies from malaria

A pregnant woman takes an anti-malaria tablet to protect her and her unborn child
© UNICEF/UN0156350/Dubourthoumieu

This pregnant woman is taking an anti-malaria tablet at a Mother and Child Health Centre in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This preventative treatment will not only protect this expecting mum but also her baby from the serious risks that malaria poses to them both.

Pregnant women are a particularly vulnerable group affected by malaria. It can not only leave them with severe anaemia and a range other illness but also can harm her unborn child. If a mum is infected by malaria during her pregnancy, this could lead to the low birth weight of her baby when it's born, and this is one of the leading risk factors for infant mortality and poor growth and development.

UNICEF supports community health centres just like this one in Kinshasa, providing preventive treatment to protect mothers and their children from malaria. These Inspired Gifts will help to ensure the health of mothers and their children, protecting them from this preventable but deadly illness.