300 polio vaccines

These miracle vaccines provide a lifetime of protection against polio — a highly contagious viral infection that can be lethal or paralysing for life. Each one of these simple and cost-effective vaccines will ensure that a child grows up polio-free.

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Working towards eradicating polio in Laos

Young boy is immunised against polio in Laos
© UNICEF/UN0199426/Sanoubane
Doctor Deang Xayaseng is one of thousands of health workers protecting young children in Laos as part of a polio vaccination campaign. To protect him against against this preventable disease, this young boy will only need to recieve two small drops of the vaccine from Doctor Xayaseng.

Across Laos, UNICEF worked hard to vaccinate more than 460,000 at-risk children aged between zero and five as a part of a ten day campaign against polio. The campaign was developed in response to severe outbreaks of the disease in 2015 and 2016.

As of May 2017, Laos is officially no longer infected with polio virus type 1 – with zero reported cases in the last 24 months. This Inspired Gift helps UNICEF to eliminate this deadly disease, making sure that no child will have to unfairly suffer from the impacts of polio.