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36 COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 knows no borders. You can help to stop the spread by donating 36 COVID-19 vaccines to lower-income countries where doses are scarce. Your gift will help to provide protection for frontline workers and vulnerable people around the world.

You can help to protect vulnerable communities, relieve hospitals and prevent fatalities.

Fighting COVID-19 on the frontline in Congo

© UNICEF/Wenga
When patients sick with COVID-19 started appearing at the Democratic Republic of Congo's Provincial Hospital in Goma, North Kivu, last year, nurse Jeanne moved out of her family's home to continue caring for those in need without putting her children's health at risk.  
“ The hospital is a very dangerous place for
nursing staff," says her son Kasereka. “I'm very
proud of my mother's work," Kasereka says,
"because she is doing everything to help the
whole world to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. ” 
"She is like a superhero who saves lives," adds Jeanne's son Achile.

Jeanne’s workplace is less dangerous since she was vaccinated with one of the 1.7 million-plus doses of COVID-19 vaccines the DRC received following a UNICEF delivery in March.  

But with the contagious Delta variant spreading quickly across the country, COVID-19 deaths amongst adults, and this time even children, is rising every day. It is up to incredible and dedicated frontline health workers like Jeanne to help support the recovery of these communities. But this leaves their health and their families health especially vulnerable. 

Vaccines empower nurses like Jeanne to be there to protect not only their families, but every family in their community against the pandemic. 

These are indicative prices that vary across countries. Vaccine prices may change as the response progresses. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirement for procuring COVID-19 vaccines, your donation will go to supporting UNICEF’s work in delivering COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments as part of its work with COVAX.