4 vaccine carriers

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to reach remote children with vaccines is due to the cold temperature many vaccines require. However, there is a solution. Vaccine carriers provide the ability to carry life-saving vaccines at the right temperature and help reach every child, everywhere.

Give the gift of protection.

In Bangladesh, vaccines take a long journey to save a life

Sajeda stands with another community health worker, holding thier vaccine carriers
© UNICEF/UN0200248/Krishan

Sajeda Begum (right) and her colleague are both heath care workers in in Ramu, a rural sub-district of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Sajeda's average day involves a long ride in a tuk-tuk, followed by a walk of several kilometres, with her vaccine carrier in hand to immunise children in remote areas. Sajeda, who has been a health care worker for over eight years, does this trip four times a week.

The vaccine carrier means that other health workers like Sajeda can portect children from preventable diseases, particularly in remote areas where there is a lack of access to health services. 

UNICEF provides support to governments in order to help them strengthen their immunisation systems. This includes vaccine procurement, emergency vaccination campaigns and training for health care workers.