50 HIV test kits

Babies born with HIV are disadvantaged before they even know it. With this basic screening kit, mums-to-be are tested for HIV/AIDS before the birth of their child.

Mothers who know they carry the virus can then be treated with medication that prevents transmission to their unborn child.

Give the gift of prevention.

Living with HIV

Mum Lilianne smiling with her son
© UNICEF/UN061629/UNICEF/UN061629/Dejongh

Lilianne discovered she was HIV positive while trying to donate blood. It was a devastating surprise for the mother of two, who was pregnant at the time.

It was Lilianne’s next moves that ensured her son would live a life free of HIV. Although it wasn’t easy, she told close family about her HIV status, who then took Lilianne to see a community health worker to receive treatement. 
“I would like to tell other women with
HIV not to be scared. Take your medication
and live your life without shame.”
Despite everything, Lilianne says she leads a normal life, but is relieved knowing that both her children and husband all tested negative.

In Côte d'Ivoire, half of seropositive children die before they turn two. UNICEF wants all children and adolescents to live HIV free by 2030.