Mum and Bub Bundle

Assist a mother with a safe birth by gifting a Mum and Bub Bundle. This bundle covers much-needed supplies that a new mother will need during birth and post-birth including; sanitary supplies, early childhood antibiotics, warm winter clothes and clean water.

Give the gift of protection.

Creating better outcomes for mums and newborns in South Sudan

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Baby Daniela spends her second day in the world with mum, Monica John, in a UNICEF-supported hospital in South Sudan.

Monica's last two babies tragically died during childbirth. Following abdominal pain, she decided to come to the hospital's maternity ward where, according to Monica, she knew she "would be closely monitored and receive superior care".  

After ongoing complications and a prolonged labour, Daniela was safely delivered via caesarean section. 

South Sudan has the fifth highest maternal mortality rate in the world, and more than double the Sub-Saharan region average. Just 11% of all deliveries are attended by a skilled birth attendant.

Midwife, Harriet Karij, attended to Monica in the delivery room at the teaching hospital, which provides a life-saving service for mothers and babies. 

UNICEF supports midwives at the hospital, including Harriet, and provides access to medical supplies and sterilisation

These kits help deliver safer births and better outcomes for mothers and babies. 

"It’s a blessing being a midwife and delivering babies. Children are the future of our country." - Harriet Karij, Midwife