Vaccine pack

Millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable disease. This gift is packed with a total of 300 vaccines to protect children against tetanus, polio, measles and tuberculosis.

Give the gift of protection.

Bringing protection to Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh

Health workers in Bangladesh protect children from disease.
© UNICEF/UN0200256/Saeed

Justna Akther (left), works as a community health worker in Balukhali refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. After a surge of violence in their home Rakhine state in Myanmar, almost half a million Rohingya have sought refuge in neighbouring Bangadesh.
This rapid surge in population means that people are now living in nightmare conditions for an outbreak of disease, with homes lacking adequate drainage that often risks contaminating supplies of clean drinking water.
People like Justna are working to stop this risk in its tracks, going door-to-door to raise awareness about primary health care and immunisation.
“Many refugees have never heard about
vaccination. They always welcome me into their
homes but, at first, are usually a little suspicious
about vaccination. It takes a few visits to
persuade them of the benefits of immunisation.” 
A vaccine pack can stop disease from spreading with the help of UNICEF and outreach workers like Justna. Your gift will help to protect children from deadly but preventable disease.