Vaccine pack

Millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable disease. This gift is packed with a total of 240 vaccines to protect children against tetanus, polio, measles and tuberculosis.

Give the gift of protection.

Bringing protection to Syrian refugees in Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan  

Dr. Almanti protects children from diseases at Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan
© UNICEF/UN0303634/Herwig
Nabil, only five days old, receives his vaccinations (tuberculosis) in a UNICEF-supported health clinic in Azraq Refugee Camp by Dr. Almanti, the Ministry of Health (Jordan) coordinator who has worked in the camp for five years.
To keep children safe and healthy in the camp, UNICEF supports the Ministry of Health to provide immunisation services in the camp and empowers parents to protect their children with vaccines. This is particularly important in refugee camps where disease can spread quickly. Children in their earliest years are the most vulnerable to contracting communicable diseases in challenging living environments. 
People like Dr. Almanti are providing regular vaccinations and raise awareness about immunisation. 
“Mothers in the camp are positive about vaccination
and say that they want to protect their kids. We have
community health workers who spread the word.” 
A vaccine pack can stop disease from spreading with the help of UNICEF and health workers like Dr Almanti. Your gift can help to protect children from deadly but preventable disease.