Vaccine super pack

Millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable disease. Many of them are living in hard-to-reach places — small remote villages or mountainous regions — that make it hard to transport vaccines safely. Along with 390 vaccines to protect against polio, tetanus, and measles, this pack includes a vaccine carrier to keep the vaccines safe when en route to children in need.

Give the gift of health.

Protecting every child through any adversity

Mother is holding her infant at a medical clinic
© UNICEF/UNI358195/Himu
Damini, a 2.5 month old is at Shurjer Hashi Clinic with his mother, waiting to get his vaccinations.

Compulsory lockdowns during COVID-19 in Bangladesh have prevented many children such as Rashtan from receiving their vaccinations on schedule, putting them at a higher risk during such a vulnerable time.

Understanding the significant amount of protection vaccinations have on her child’s health and safety, Damini’s mother decided to bring him to the clinic despite her concerns of the risks of COVID-19.

UNICEF is determined to make sure every child is protected against fatal yet preventable diseases in every situation. The Vaccine Super Pack is essential to providing the world’s most vulnerable children with the protection they need.