1 early childhood development kit

The early childhood development kit brings hope and joy to the youngest and most vulnerable in the aftermath of an emergency – when they need it most. Packed with puzzles, art materials and toys, this kit creates a safe learning and play environment for children up to six years in age.

Give the gift of development.

A treasure box of activities

Young student smiles after receiving stuffed toy in South Sudan
© UNICEF/UN068350/Hatcher-Moore

Although the walls of the Narrow Gate School are pockmarked with bullet holes, this young student smiles ear to ear. He has just receive a blue hippo toy that was distributed as part of an early childhood development kit. These stuffed toys are small, simple pleasures that keep young minds healthy and alert so that they continue to learn at school, despite difficult conditions that surround them.
“The children like learning but they have to refresh
their minds, playing takes their mind off of things.
You can’t tell them what’s happening in great detail. ”