1 Maths Teaching Kit

Those first few years of learning are crucial for early childhood development often setting the foundation for future success. This primary school mathematics teaching aid has everything a teacher needs to develop and inspire young minds.

Give the gift of education with a Maths Teaching Kit and give children a chance to learn and develop.
Shushmita works with her teacher and a group of students during maths class.
“I love school because I get to play and I get to learn.
I learn about animals and numbers and spelling.”

Shushmita's school in Dhaka, is piloting a new approach targeted at learning Bangla and Mathematics (but soon to be expanded to English and Environmental Science) called 'Each Child Learns'. The approach recognises the limitations faced by most schools in Bangladesh - high student teacher ratios and short days in school - and trains teachers in ways to restructure classroom activities and interactions to maximise learning time. 

A UNICEF Maths Teaching Kit will provide a teacher with enough equipment to teach children vital skills, to help them reach their full potential.