1 school-in-a-box

Education helps to inspire fun and shape futures. This 'school in a box' is a portable way to ensure children continue to learn during times of crisis and conflict, or in the hardest to reach areas.

The box contains books, pencils, erasers and scissors and even a wind-up solar radio, while the aluminium lid of the box doubles as a blackboard. Few gifts are as innovative as this.

Give the gift of education.

Making a world of difference

Group of students look at their inflatable globe that came in their school-in-a-box
© UNICEF/UN0141031/LeMoyne

This group of students use their inflatable globe to take in the world from the Uchiprang refugee camp in Bangladesh. The inflatable globe was part of the educational supplies contained in the School-in-a-Box, which allows children to keep learning – even in times of crisis.

Following an escalation of violence in August 2017, over half a million Rohingya refugees have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh. Almost 60% of the lastest arrivals are children, many of whom have been left traumatised by the violence.

UNICEF is focused on providing Rohingya children with learning and support services in child-friendly spaces, as well as providing education supplies to facilitate their learning.