1,000 pencils

Sharpen up with pencils and watch a lifelong learning journey unfold. So incredibly simple, pencils are a vital tool for learning, giving children the chance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper. The most basic of items can make such a difference to children's lives.

Give the gift of education.

Drawing smiles at a social rehabilitation centre in Mozambique

Filomena and her mum colouring in at a psychosocial rehabilitation centre in Mozambique
© UNICEF/UN0158317/Jean/Handicap International

Filomena was born with spastic quadriplegia and epilepsy which progressively worsened as she got older. Eventually, Filomena was unable to eat solid food because her jaws clenched, and the use of her arms and legs was impaired.

Filomena is now nine years old and enjoys drawing with her colourful pencils alongside her mum at the psychosocial rehabilitation centre, which offers day care for children with disabilities. Despite being over an hour and a half away from their home, Filomena’s mother takes her daughter to the centre four times a week where she attends physiotherapy classes to help her relax her muscles. As a result, Filomena is now able to eat solid food again.

UNICEF supports projects like these that are designed to empower people with disabilities by working directly with them and their families, providing access to inclusive education.