Sports pack

From schools to refugee camps or child-soldier rehabilitation centres, a game of sport can bring children and communities together. This pack includes four basketballs, four footballs and ten skipping ropes to get children moving and smiling.

Give the gift of play.

Children play football outside a child-friendly space in

A group of children play a game of football at Nyabugete Child Friendly Space in Musaga
© UNICEF Burundi/2018/J.Haro

This group of children all met at the Nyabugete child-friendly space in Musaga, Burundi, where they quickly became good friends. One of their favourite things to do here is to play a game of football that unites these friends who have different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds.

This is just one of the 39 child-friendly spaces in Bujumbura that is providing a protective and stimulating environment where children can play and have fun but also access psychosocial support.

Together with our partners, UNICEF is implementing psychosocial and recreational activities for children to help them gain a sense of normality. Through play, children explore, invent and create. They also develop social skills, learn to express their emotions and gain confidence in their own capabilities.