1 Emergency Food Ration

When disaster strikes, access to safe water, sanitation and food is paramount. When families are in most need, your gift of an emergency food ration for a child can help a child survive and re-build their strength and confidence. 
This is the ultimate comfort food gift: easy to prepare and filled with essential minerals and vitamins, your gift will ensure short term survival as the longer-term emergency response is undertaken.

Give the gift of nutrition.

Providing emergency food in Mozambique.

A mother and her two children on the roof of a shop, waiting to be saved after the cyclone hit Mozambique
© UNICEF/UN0320785/De Wetl

Elizarda, 19 years old, and her two children were saved by a helicopter after spending three days on the roof of a shop in Mozambique. During that time, they had nothing to eat, they were surrounded by flood water. The building was shaking under the weight of nearly a hundred people who were waiting to be saved.
“On the 19th a helicopter came. The water had gone down, we waded through knee deep water to jump up on to the helicopter. They took the mothers and children first,” she says. “I was so relieved, we were safe, but I was worried because my baby was sick.”
Elizarda’s son, Marquer Antonio is malnourished. When they were rescued they were taken to an accommodation centre in Beira and he was immediately enrolled in a therapeutic feeding programme.
“I am relieved now we are safe, but I don’t know what I can return to, I came here empty. We are farmers, we don’t have money. In our home we grow our food. There life was easy, I am thinking about returning (but) I am really worried.”
On the 15th of March 2019, a cyclone ripped through central Mozambique. Heavy rains caused the banks of the Buzi river to break creating an ‘inland ocean.’ Floods tore through communities, destroying everything in their path. Thousands of standard families, many of them with young children, sought safety on top of high buildings waiting to be rescued.