1 emergency relief pack

Having essential supplies when an emergency strikes, makes all the difference. Every emergency relief pack provides life-saving supplies to children and families in crisis situations. Each pack contains therapeutic food to help keep children healthy, water purification tablets to create clean drinking water, a family water kit to give families hygiene supplies and a first aid kit.

Children are incredibly resilient and with the right support, they can bounce back from an emergency.

Give the gift of assistance with an emergency relief pack and help provide emergency relief when disaster strikes.

Emergency relief pack

Bangladeshi women unpacking relief distribution packs after floodsKhuki, a fifty-year-old widow unpacks disaster relief provided by UNICEF after heaving floods in Bangladesh. She received a family water kit containing essential tools such as cookeries and utensils, clothes, soaps, oral saline packets, water bucket and can, candles and rope. The package also included a multi-purpose plastic sheet that can be used as a tent and mattress.