40 Dignity Pads

During their menstruation period, girls can often be forced to miss school due to stigma and schools not having the facilities to help a girl manage her period with dignity. Poor menstrual hygiene can also pose physical health risks such as reproductive and urinary tract infections. “Period shame” can have negative psychological effects, disempowering women, causing them to feel embarrassed about a normal biological process. These reusable pads can offer girls the privacy and dignity to carry on with their life as it should be. 

Give the gift of dignity.

Dignity Kits are changing school habits in Chad

Badoul stands outside the school she attends in southern Chad
© UNICEF/UN0122316/Faffin
Badoul stands outside the school she attends in southern Chad. “I like going to school because staying at home is not good for you … before coming here I lived in Bangui (Central African Republic) where I lost both my parents. I came here with my grandmother and my brothers and sisters. I want to keep going to school so that I can work for UNICEF one day and help children like I was helped.
“The dignity kits changed my school habits.
Before, every time I had my period I didn’t
come to school because I didn’t feel
comfortable, but now I never miss one day.”