5 emergency family water kits

Clean water is one of life’s essentials and yet is still one of the hardest things to find in an emergency. With buckets, water purification tablets, soap and potties for the littlies, the family water kit has everything parents need to make sure their families have access to clean & safe water.

Give the gift of clean water.

Helping with health and hygiene in emergencies 

Ayman and Khalid carry supplies emergency water supplies they’ve received from a distribution point in Mosul
© UNICEF/UN044148/Khuzaie

Young Ayman and Khalid carry emergency water and hygiene supplies they’ve received from a distribution point in eastern Mosul, Iraq. The kit, which includes soap, water purification tablets, and a bucket means that children have access to clean water and sanitation. These kits, which help prevent the spread of disease, mean that parents can keep their children clean and healthy in times of emergency.
“Mosul’s children have already suffered
immensely over the past two years. Many
could be forcibly displaced, trapped between
fighting lines, or caught in the cross fire.”
UNICEF and its partners have distributed emergency food, water and hygiene supplies to children and families who have been displaced by ongoing conflict in the region. This Inspired Gift provides emergency water to children like Ayman and Khalid.