Set of babies winter clothes

A good coat or boots can make all the difference when a small child is facing a long winter. These winter clothes will keep children rugged up and warm as they face winters often marred by conflict, disaster or disease.
Give the gift of warmth.

Keeping babies warm in Mongolia

Three sisters in Mongolia use warm clothes to beat the cold
© UNICEF/UN0198623/Njiokiktjien VII Photo

Four-year-old Batyargal Margadma is one of three young sisters that live in a ger in the remote Alag-Erdene area in Mongolia.

Batyargal’s baby sister has just been born, and now faces the first 1000 critical days of life in one of the coldest parts of the world. Her mother Delgermurun is concerned for her children:
“It is easier to get sick in the countryside.
It can get very cold, and children can
easily run outdoors and catch a cold."
With warm winter clothes however, these sisters and their mother will be able to survive, thrive and continue to play throughout the cold Mongolian winter.

Provide children with the simple gift of warmth with these sets of winter clothes.