'Eat Play Love' bundle for Dad

With every precious hug, with every nutritious meal and fun game played, dads help to build their child's brain – and this pack lets them do just that. Each bundle contains 100 sachets of therapeutic food, 50 pencils and a soft toy to give a child the best possible start in life.

This Father's Day, help dads and their children to 'Eat Play Love' together.

Stimulating brain development through play

A Father plays with his daughters
© UNICEF/UN0126030/Al- Asadi 

Devia and Ester play with their father, Simiao Pereira, whose love and attention will have lasting benefits for them. Research suggests that when children positively interact with their fathers, they have better psychological health, self-esteem and life-satisfaction in the long-term.

A simple toy, like these ones borrowed from a local school, can help facilitate the kind of play that builds a child's brain. Early moments matter and every moment counts. That's why UNICEF is asking Australians to give the dads they know and love a gift that helps other dads to bond with their young children.