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This one's for the indecisive: a selection of the most-needed gifts including Plumpy Nut, Measles Vaccines and a School-in-a-box for 20 students.

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A UNICEF vaccinator arrives in the remote village of Kankelena and delivers vaccines by donkey
© UNICEF/UN0293616/Ke?ta

Mamadou, a mobile vaccinator, arrives in the remote village of Kankelena, where he is welcomed by residents. Since 2018, UNICEF has been using donkey and horse carts to bring vaccines directly to isolated children. Vaccinators like Mamadou travel by donkey cart for up to 8 hours to reach the families the most in need.

Mopti is among the regions of Mali with the lowest levels of vaccination of children - only 37% of children here are fully vaccinated. But the spike in insecurity in the past year has hampered vaccination of children even more severely.

Faced with these challenges, UNICEF and partners are leveraging both innovations and traditional means to bring critical healthcare and education services to the children most in need.