Emergency Warmer Pack


In times of conflict, children displaced from their homes often lack the clothes they need to keep them safe from the cold. Each Emergency Warmer Pack includes two blankets and two sets of winter clothes to help children survive an icy winter. With this very cosy gift, you can wrap a blanket around a child's shoulders and help to keep tiny fingers and toes snug and warm.

Give the gift of protection.

Ready to brave the harsh Syrian winter  

© UNICEF/UN0497282/Malas
18-month-old Fariha holds onto her old, outgrown shoes, excited to be able to walk around the yard again, protected by her new winter boots.

Amid a 10-year-long war that has caused one of the largest humanitarian crises since World War II, almost 90 per cent of the children in Syria are left with a growing need of humanitarian assistance. With more than 2.5 million children displaced and financial resources utterly depleted, families continue to struggle to provide their children with even the most basic needs, let alone winter clothes.

“ Our income is not even covering our needs of food, let alone winter clothes; buying clothes has become a dream for us ” 

- Fariha's mother

Before receiving a winter kit from UNICEF, Fariha would often have to go barefoot in the cold or be carried when outside because she could no longer fit into her only shoes.

This is why UNICEF has been collaborating with partners to distribute more than 27,000 winter kits to conflict-ravaged towns in Syria, helping families like Fariha's brave the harsh winter weather.

Help keep children safe and warm this Christmas by gifting an Emergency Warmer Pack.