Father's Day Play & Learn Pack

With every precious moment spent playing and interacting together, dads help to build their child's brain. The Father's Day Play & Learn Pack provides 100 pencils, 30 exercise books, 20 textbooks, and three balls to help send children on a lifelong journey of learning and fun.

This Father's Day, help dads and their children play and learn together.

Encouraging brain development through play in Uganda  

Joelle is being vaccinated against Measles in Syria
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Mark, 29, a physiotherapist from Uganda, plays with his 22-month-old son Michael outside their home in a hospital compound in the Eastern Karamoja region. Mark understands the importance of playing with his son and the positive impact it has on his development. 
“When we play, we sing a lot, play football. Everything I do, he copies. We talk to him all the time
and he can talk now. He loves music and
singing. We do everything together. ” 
Research suggests that when children positively interact with their fathers, they have improved psychological health, self-esteem, and life-satisfaction in the long-term.

A few simple items like exercise books and soccer balls can help facilitate the kind of play that builds a child's brain. Early moments matter and every moment counts. That's why UNICEF is asking Australians to give their dads a gift that helps other dads around the world bond with their young children.