Winter Warmers

This bundle of love will keep each child warm and cozy throughout the coldest time of the year. Each Winter Warmers bundle comes with 2 sets of baby winter clothes and 2 blankets to help them brave the harsh winter weather. 

Snug as a bug in Jordan

Child is smiling in his mother's arms
© UNICEF/UN0285614

3-month-old Hala is wrapped up nice and snug in her new jumpsuit and warm blanket. Life for Hala and her family has not been easy. Without income or even the most basic necessities, her mother Lian is forced to burn rubbish, including plastic bags, just to keep her children warm.  
“I’m worried about my children because they’re
sick. They’re all coughing because of the
cold. I really need warm clothes for my baby.” 
The unpredictable weather in Jordan continues to create havoc, threatening every family’s safety and livelihoods with each storm, snowfall and flood. During times like this, children under 5 years old are particularly vulnerable to catching preventable illnesses.

UNICEF is strongly committed to helping vulnerable children stay warm throughout winter by distributing winter clothing kits to children aged 0-18.

Give the gift of love this winter, by keeping every child safe and warm.