400 oral rehydration salts

Dehydration, caused by very bad diarrhoea, can put a child’s life in danger within hours. Oral rehydration salts provide a salty solution for kids weakened by a life threatening gastrointestinal illness by replacing lost fluids fast. Just added to clean water, it acts quickly and can be administered by anyone. For $44, you can have a significant impact, providing five hundred sachets.

Give the gift of good health with 400 oral rehydration salts and help combat dehydration.

Restoring health with oral rehydration salts

UNICEF Australia volunteer in Iraq giving a young boy oral rehydration salts

UNICEF worker Abduljabar prepares oral rehydration salts for four year old Ahmed. Ahmed lives with his brother and parents in a small room amongst five other families in the Domiz refugee camp in Northern Iraq.

Domiz is situated near the city of Dohuk, about forty miles from the Syrian border. Approximately 40,000 Syrians are living here, in facilities provided for around half that number. Drinking contaminated water can result in life-threatening gastrointestinal illness. Oral rehydration salts, combined with zinc can help prevent 93% of deaths among children suffering from diarrhoea. UNICEF is focusing efforts on providing clean water and sanitation, and life-saving supplies such as oral rehydration salts to those displaced by the conflict.