60 high-energy biscuits

Packed full of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibre, iron and healthy fats, they’re used in an emergency situation where families may not be able to cook due to lack of access to basic facilities like clean water. These ready-to-eat life savers can also be used to supplement nutritional deficiencies in young children. 

Give the gift of nutrition.

Addressing food insecurity across the Horn of Africa

Three year old Abdrirashid eats a nutritional enriched biscuit
© UNICEF/UN059390/Ayen

The effects of drought continue to worsen across the Horn of Africa, including in the home state of three year old Abdrirashid who sits in a stablisation centre eating a nutritionally enriched biscuit. Abdrirashid is one of millions of children who has been affected by the lack of rain in the region which has lead to high levels of food insecurity.

The drought has not only affected normal harvests but has also caused water shortages, the death of livestock and  disease outbreaks affecting children like Abdrirashid.

In 2017, an estimated 5.6 million Ethiopians required emergency food aid and some 2.7 million children and pregnant or lactating mothers required supplementary feeding.