60 high-energy biscuits

Packed full of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibre, iron and healthy fats, they’re used in an emergency situation where families may not be able to cook due to lack of access to basic facilities like clean water. These ready-to-eat life savers can also be used to supplement nutritional deficiencies in young children. 

Give the gift of nutrition with 60 high-energy biscuits and help children to grow and thrive, even during an emergency.

The UNICEF 'Better Health, Better Education' program

Students of grade three enjoy protein-rich biscuits during their break periodThe ‘Better Health, Better Education’ has been prepared to train the teachers of the young learners about better health maintenance including common ailments and their treatment, injuries, primary health interventions, personal health and hygiene, safe water, sanitation, nutrition tips, coping with disasters etc.

These students from Dhaka, Bangladesh are enjoying a study break with protein-rich biscuits - these biscuits supplement their nutrition and allow students to focus on their learning.