Mother's Day Vaccine Pack

In the year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, 14 million children missed out on life-saving vaccines. Now, access is even harder. The likelihood that a child born today will be fully vaccinated by the time they turn 5 is less than 20 per cent. 

You can improve access and give protection from deadly diseases with this very special Mother's Day gift. Each box contains 140 vaccines to protect babies against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and rotavirus. That's many more mums around the world who won't have to worry about their children getting sick. 

Give the gift of protection this Mother's Day. 

Protecting children in Uganda from polio during the COVID-19 pandemic

Polio vaccinations in Uganda
© UNICEF/ UNI325806/UNI328384/Abdul

Baby Najib receives a polio vaccine while Emily Watuya and her 12 month old daughter, Emily Aceng, wait for their vaccination.

Their families have come to a UNICEF-supported health centre in Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure their children receive vaccinations that could save their lives. 

“When you look around, you will see a very
big difference between a child who is
immunised and one who is not immunised. The
unimmunised children fall sick very easily.” 

In Uganda, vaccination services are still available at health facilities and mothers, fathers, and caregivers often travel long distances to make sure their children don't miss out.

To support continuity of vaccination during the pandemic, UNICEF procured 3,842,000 doses of oral polio vaccine for clinics in Uganda, with funding from the Government of Uganda. These vaccines will help to protect children from the horrible and often life-threatening effects of polio.

By giving a life-saving box of vaccines, you can help ensure children around the world, like Najib and Emily Aceng, don't miss out on essential vaccinations.