2 tarpaulins

When disasters strike, families can lose everything, and children can be left without a home or shelter from the elements. These tarpaulins transform into makeshift shelters that can keep children and their families’ safe during a traumatic time. Made from reinforced plastic, and UV resistant these sheets are designed for long outdoor use in all climates. Shelter helps to ensure children have a safe place to rest and gain protection to start the long recovery process.

Give the gift of shelter and protection.

Emergency shelter for children and their families in Nepal

Children play at a UNICEF-supported children friendly space in Nepal
 © UNICEF/UNI183775/Karki

A group of children play in a tent housing a UNICEF-supported child-friendly space in Tundikhel after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. The tent, which is made from tarpaulins, not only provides a safe space for children to play, but also to start the long recovery process after experiencing a traumatic event like an earthquake.

Following an emergency, it is important for children to feel protected, sheltered and supported, which is exactly what this tent is designed to do. A UNICEF counsellor was also present to talk to children about what they had endured. 
“I had never heard about earthquakes before,
and this was my first experience of an earthquake.
I was playing with my sisters, and we all ran out
together. It looked like the house was dancing.”

This Inspired Gift provides shelter and comfort to children when disaster strikes, giving them a safe space to grow and play.