2 Tarpaulins

When disasters strike, families can lose everything, and children can be left without a home or shelter from the elements. These tarpaulins transform into makeshift shelters that can keep children and their families’ safe during a traumatic time. Made from reinforced plastic, and UV resistant these sheets are designed for long outdoor use in all climates. Your gift helps to ensure children have a safe place to rest and gain protection to start the long recovery process.

Give the gift of shelter and protection with 2 UNICEF Tarpaulins, and help keep children safe after an emergency.

UNICEF working to provide emergency shelter for children and their families' after a natural disaster.

Children play with a tent being installed at a school being used as a shelter for families affected by the earthquake in Ecaudor, 2016 - © UNICEF/UN018973/Arcos

Hundreds of thousands of people were impacted by the earthquake that struck Ecuador on 16 April 2016.
Houses were destroyed, streets were filled with rubble and infrastructure, including many roads and bridges, have been severely damaged, resulting in logistics and communications challenges in some areas. UNICEF is working to provide temporary shelter, food, temporary education and protective spaces, child protection, psychosocial assistance and debris removal to support early recovery efforts.

After an emergency hits its important for children to feel protected, sheltered, supported and have a safe-space to start the long recovery process after experiencing a traumatic event, such as an earthquake.