5 blankets

A blanket may sound like a simple item, but it can mean the difference between survival and suffering when shelter is scarce and the temperature is dropping. This sturdy cloak of fleece offers vulnerable children comfort and protection in emergency situations, keeping them warm and snug.

Give the gift of warmth.

Blankets keep Syrian children warm during winter

Syrian refugee children seek warmth beneath a blanket to protect them from the freezing winter tempreatures
© UNICEF/UN0158349/Halldorsson

Syrian refugees Hilala, 12, and her brother Hasan, one, sought warmth under the protection of their blanket during a particularly harsh winter storm. The storm not only brought heavy rain, flooding and snow, but also freezing temperatures to the informal settlement in Haoush Harime. Located in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, it's one of over 5,000 camps heavily impacted by the sub-zero temperatures.

Unfortunately, UNICEF faces a serious funding gap, hampering efforts to continue supporting Syrian children and their families. This Inspired Gift helps provide for vulnerable children like Hilala and Hasan during the winter months.