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For every child, a future.

Make a resolution for two in 2021

UNICEF exists to deliver futures for every child. 

What does that mean? We work day in and day out in 190 countries and territories, making sure more children are vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. We reach  and protect children in the most remote and dangerous places. 
2020 was a challenging year, but it has also shown us what really matters in life - to be healthy and safe with our families and to help those in need. We have set some big resolutions to continue our support for the world's most vulnerable children, but we can only make them a reality with your help. Will you make a resolution for two this year - one for yourself and one for a child in need? 
UNICEF New Year's Resolutions
For every child, safety.
For every child, health.
For every child, a future.
This year, UNICEF’s work for children will be more critical than ever, including in our own backyard. Conflict and disaster threaten children every day, but we’ve got the experience to help kids survive and thrive.
We are working harder than ever to deliver futures for every child. By joining our growing community of Global Parents, you can help us deliver life-saving supplies to children every month.

If you join today, your donation will be debited on the 15th of each month. Cancel at any time.
Make 2021 your year to make a difference. Help us #DeliverFutures to every child.
Make a resolution for two
Your monthly donation to UNICEF is much more than just supplies. It is a box of opportunity - a future for every child.
This New Year, help our teams go further, faster and reach more children in need.
Make a monthly donation to deliver life-changing supplies like clean water, vaccinations and school materials to the world's most vulnerable children.


Where will my donations go?

We believe that all children should have access to their basic human rights, so your contribution is targeted to where it is needed most.

Together we can help give
every child, a happy new year

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