Mother's Day Save a Newborn Kit

Every mother should have the opportunity for their baby to survive and thrive. Sadly, that's not the case in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu, where 50% of children don't make their fifth birthday.

Your gift will provide life-saving care to a newborn baby in our Child Survival Programs in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu. Each kit contains a Kangaroo Care Kit, four newborn scales, two thermometers and a timer for respiratory infections to give newborns a fair chance.


How this gift can make a difference for babies in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu

Tendai performing Kangaroo Care on Vision, her first-born, premature baby
© UNICEF/Australia/Moynihan

In Zimbabwe and alarming number of babies, one in 31 babies, still die before they reach the age of one month. This is due to preventable health conditions such as birth complications, pneumonia and respiratory infections

Since 2016 UNICEF Australia's Child Survival Programme in Zimbabwe has been helping 98,184 children under 5 survive.

Most hospitals in Zimbabwe don't have incubators, but UNICEF facilitates Kangaroo Care as a simple alternative.
That's what Tendai is doing with Vision, her first-born and extremely premature newborn baby. After wrapping him up in the Kangaroo Care Kit, she then places him on her chest to perform Kangaroo Care. This is skin-to-skin contact, and a wrapped blanket to help stabilise a baby’s temperature, encourage breastfeeding, and start a lasting relationship with mum.

This year, UNICEF Australia is committed to supplying more than 15,000 neonatal care supplies to its programme in Zimbabwe. And is launching a new Child Survival Programme in Vanuatu, helping more premature babies like Vision survive. Currently, 1 in 83 babies die in Vanuatu before they reach one month. 

Give an extraordinary gift and help more newborns survive in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu with this 'Save a Newborn Kit'.