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24 November 2022

JAKARTA, November 25, 2022 – UNICEF is supporting the Government of Indonesia to reach children and families devasted by the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Cianjur, West Java.

According to the latest official estimate as of November 24, 100 children under 15 years have lost their lives, making up 37 per cent of the 272 total number of persons killed. Reports indicate that 2,046 persons have been injured, 39 persons are missing ​and 62,882 persons have been displaced. 

Damage assessments show that 45 schools have been affected in the earthquake area. Sadly, an estimated 18 students and 5 teachers are reported as casualties, and 267 students and 10 teachers have been injured.

Humanitarian needs in affected areas are expected to mount, as ongoing search and rescue operations reveal the true toll and scale of need. In an emergency, children and families that have lost loved ones, been displaced, or injured, urgently need shelter, clean water, medical care and protection.

The Government of Indonesia is leading the emergency response to address these and other challenges facing children and communities. UNICEF and partners are supporting these efforts to help determine the most pressing needs of children and their families. 

The government is distributing key supplies, which include UNICEF-supported disaster preparedness supplies. These include educational supplies such as tents for temporary learning spaces, “school-in-a-box" with pens, notebooks and pencils, and early childhood development kits with age-appropriate games, drawing supplies and toys. These supplies are expected to benefit an estimated 2,500 children.

The government is also distributing material provided by UNICEF to support children who are dealing with emotional distress and trauma from the impact of the earthquake. 

UNICEF stands ready to provide additional support that may be required by the government to help reach and protect children during this challenging time.


For more information, please contact: 

Anita Quigley, Head of Media & Public Affairs for UNICEF Australia