Are you a young person impacted by the NSW drought?

UNICEF Australia, with the support of the NSW Government, is hosting the first Youth Summit for young people living with drought in NSW from 9-11 of October 2019.  

At the Summit, children and young people will come together with decision-makers and one another to discuss the challenges they face living with drought in NSW and how responses can be improved. The Summit will explore the ways decision-makers can best support children and young people to build resilience and become better prepared to reduce the negative impacts of ongoing and future drought. The Summit also presents an opportunity for young people living with drought to have a break from the land, work with their peers who are going through similar struggles, and have an opportunity to connect, engage and reflect, surrounded by beautiful Lake Macquarie.

The deadline for applications has now closed. For further enquiries, please contact Sue-Ellen Simic on 02 8917 3261 or via email on

What will the Summit achieve?

The Summit will provide an opportunity for children and young people living with drought to identify actions that are needed to more effectively support you, your families and communities. It will: 

  • Connect young people from across NSW with their peers to create a support network based on shared experiences of the challenges of living with drought.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the impact of drought on young people, the current support available (what works, what hasn’t worked), and the key gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Provide a forum for meaningful, action-oriented discussion between young people, policy-makers and service providers about how to more effectively support young people and children experiencing drought.
  • Strengthen confidence in advocacy, analysis, collaboration and leadership among young people attending the Summit.
  • Result in a concluding, public report from UNICEF Australia, which will work with the NSW Government to implement policy recommendations.


Find out more 

For more information, please see the Youth Drought Summit concept note (pdf).

You can also read the UNICEF Australia report on the drought in NSW ‘In their own words: the hidden impact of prolonged drought on children and young people’, compiled after speaking to children and young people in Gunnedah, Narrabri, Walgett and Tamworth.
Cover of the Drought Report

The Drought Report

PDF (3.76 MB)

For Summit Application enquires, please contact: Sue-Ellen Simic, Project Support Officer, on: or 02 8917 3261. Alternatively, email Sue-Ellen and she will call you on a contact number that you provide.

For all other Summit enquiries, please contact: Samantha Newman, Summit Director, on:
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