UNICEF Australia works with decision makers and government at all levels in order to bring about the changes needed to help realise the rights of children in Australia. Direct political advocacy is a key part of how we work in Australia, and around the world. We work cooperatively with governments to build their political support and their capacity to create policies and provide services that best protect the rights of children and young people.

Policy submissions

UNICEF Australia works with the Australian Parliament to protect and promote the exercise and experience of children’s rights. UNICEF Australia has made submissions to Parliamentary Committees and appeared before them on issues relating to child rights issues in Australia.


Policy Statements


Australian Parliamentary Association for UNICEF

We work with members of parliament through the Australian Parliamentary Association for UNICEF. The Association currently has more than 70 members representing all major Australian political parties, reflecting the fact that upholding the rights of children is beyond politics.

As part of their role, UNICEF Australia Parliamentary Association members:

  • support and promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • promote UNICEF’s work for women and children, both in Parliament and in the community;
  • encourage the Australian government to give priority support to children, particularly Australia’s most vulnerable children and;
  • encourage the Australian government to prioritise child rights in Australia’s overseas development program.

The Australian Parliamentary Association for UNICEF was founded in 1987 and was the first of its kind in the world. Since its foundation, similar groups have subsequently been formed in many other countries.