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By UNICEF Australia
26 May 2015

Author Tara Moss has called for Australians to travel toward the border of Syria with her and judge the world’s largest refugee migration for themselves.

The advocate for women and children will travel with UNICEF Australia to Lebanon where she will meet with Syrian refugee families living in both tented settlements and the Lebanese community after more than four years of fighting in Syria.

As UNICEF Australia Ambassador for Child Survival, Moss said she was distressed the refugee migration out of Syria was due to top more than 4 million any day now and that half of those refugees were children.

"This refugee crisis has slipped from the global radar," Moss said. "We've concentrated on the horrendous acts of a minority and all but forgotten about the immense humanitarian crisis here, the suffering of millions of regular people, including millions of innocent kids."  

Moss said children were the most at risk of the massive displacement inside and within countries neighbouring Syria.

"Exploitation, recruitment into armed forces, child labour the increasing rate of child marriage are obvious risks for children during conflict but we’re also seeing alarming trends in maternal health and newborn and infant survival," she said.  

"I can’t turn away from that. We can’t turn away from that."  

Moss will meet with field staff from the United Nations Children’s Fund on Sunday and begin reporting from tented refugee settlements for UNICEF and its humanitarian partners for three days from Monday.

"I hope to learn a lot during this journey and shine a light on the real human beings most impacted by this conflict - the normal, innocent people, the families, the children, and the heroes and heroines that are the aid workers risking their lives to help.

"It's a responsibility to be able to give the women and children UNICEF works with a voice within Australia, and with Twitter Australia’s support, internationally," Ms Moss said.

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