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By UNICEF Australia
28 June 2019
Headlines from newspaper
Sydney Morning Herald

That’s what Sydney Morning Herald/The Age journalists Kate Geraghty and Jacob Saulwick wrote after visiting UNICEF-supported projects in Afghanistan just a few days ago.

After years of war, drought last year and now flash flooding this year, an estimated 13 million people are food insecure, including 600,000 children who are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. 

In 19 photos, these are some of their stories.  

Child washing under tap© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

"My brother is sick and my mother is alone. There is no one to help us. I have to help my mother so my brother gets well."

Zebat, 6
Family standing out the front of a makeshift tent.© Kate Geraghty/SMH

Mum Ziba holds her son Suleiman in front of her family’s shelter in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in Herat province, Afghanistan.

The family had to leave their home due to drought last year and floods this year where they lost everything.

Getting tested for malnutrition© Kate Geraghty/SMH

Suleiman, aged just 18 months, is tested for severe acute malnutrition by medical staff at a UNICEF-supported health care centre.

Girl covering her face with head scarf© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

"Because of war and drought, we are refugees in this province."

Masooma, 12
Line outside of medical clinic in tent© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

Families wait outside the UNICEF-supported health clinic. UNICEF supports 1,300 health facilities across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, providing life-saving medical care for children in need. 

Grandmother waiting for check up with grandchild© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

"My grandchild is sick. We are very happy the doctors help us."

Gul Afroz, Grandmother
Child in hospital getting care© Kate Geraghty/SMH

Mother Shahr holds cotton wool to her son Saber’s (10-months) thin ankle after a blood sample was taken. He is being treated for severe acute malnutrition at a UNICEF-supported paediatric hospital near Herat city. 

Mother being cared for in hospital© Kate Geraghty/SMH

Tahera is comforted after her three-month-old son died from severe acute malnutrition at a UNICEF-supported paediatric hospital near Herat city. The doctors did everything they could to save him, performing CPR for six minutes in an attempt to resuscitate him.

Tahera brought Safiullah back to hospital four days ago for a second visit as he was suffering from high fever and diarrhoea. Safiullah’s twin brother Atiqullah also died one month ago, from severe acute malnutrition.

"My children are gone from this world."

Baby being tested for malnutrition© Kate Geraghty/SMH

That red line means little Qudratullah, seven-months, is severely malnourished. He’s being treated at a UNICEF-supported health care centre in Afghanistan.

His family are from Badghis Province but had to leave their home due to drought. They have been living in an IDP camp in Herat Province for 13 months and cannot go back as they sold their land. They are expecting to live in the camp for at least two or three more years.

Medical staff showing mother how to feed her baby © Kate Geraghty/SMH

A medical staff member shows mum Gul Zada how to feed her seven-month-old son, Qudratullah, ready-to-use food in a UNICEF-supported health care centre.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the peanut-based paste is an absolute lifesaver. UNICEF is currently the sole provider of ready-to-use therapeutic food in Afghanistan where millions of people are food insecure.

Children playing cricket© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

Boys from different provinces play cricket together at the IDP camp, in Herat, Afghanistan. 

The majority of children in the camps were displaced from their homes by drought or forced to flee increasing conflict. 

Child looking at camera posing.© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

“Come and take photos of me,” Sakina confidently tells the UNICEF photographer at the IDP camp.  She says she likes the way she has done her hair. 

Child with eyes closed, wearing oxygen mask in hospital© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

A child receives medical care at a UNICEF-supported health care facility. Many of the children here are suffering from severe malnutrition and diarrhoea.

Any child with severe acute malnutrition needs to be treated to survive.

Child reads from book© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

A girl reads from a textbook to her classmates at a temporary school inside the IDP camp.

Boys stand in doorway to a shelter© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

Three boys wait in a doorway of a shelter at the IDP camp, Herat, Afghanistan.

UNICEF worker holds child with mother sitting near by© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

A UNICEF doctor holds a child who is receiving treatment for malnutrition at a UNICEF-supported health facility.

Child plays in a UNCIEF child-friendly space© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

Muhammad, 10, strikes a pose while hoola-hooping at a UNICEF child-friendly space in the camp for internally displaced people.

"I can swing this circle around my waist and I am happy that we play sports."

Muhammad, 10
Children looking to camera© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

“The number of patients is very high, and the number of doctors is less and we have to sit in warm weather until our turn comes,” says Mah Bano from Ghor Province outside a UNICEF-supported health care centre inside the camp. 

Malnutrition Crisis

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Mum holding baby, diagnosed with malnutrition© UNICEF Afghanistan/RaMin Afshar

Baby Mohammad was diagnosed with malnutrition and needed to be transferred to a UNICEF-supported children's hospital where he is receiving the care he needs.

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Right now in Afghanistan, ongoing drought and conflict continues to leave the country utterly devastated. More than 13 million people are food insecure – surviving on less than one meal a day.

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Afghan children beside damaged houses after earthquakes devastated communities in October 2023.
© UNICEF/UNI452496/Khayyam

Children in Afghanistan

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