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Celebrate your teacher with an Inspired Gift

Looking for a special teacher gift? Help them spread their love of learning to every child.

Save the apples for your lunch and surprise your teacher with a gift that has real impact.  A UNICEF Inspired Gift is the perfect way to say thank you to someone who's taught you so much.  
Buy an Inspired Gift
Millions of children still miss out on school, because of poverty, violence and natural disasters. By giving your special teacher an Inspired Gift you and your teacher can make a real difference. From stationary, school bags to school materials, these essential supplies bring learning to some of the world's hardest places.  

Get your teacher gift sorted now and choose a preferred date for your E-Card to be sent. 
All teacher gifts over $2 are tax-deductible. 

Give a special teacher gift with an Inspired Gift.

1,000 pencils

Sharpen up with pencils and watch a lifelong learning journey unfold.

10 school bags

These brightly coloured school bags make going to school even better. 

1 School in a Box

Our 'school in a box' is a portable way to keep all kids learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What are UNICEF Inspired Gifts?
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Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing gifts that are distributed to children and their communities around the world throughout the year. Not only do they provide the receiver with a great sense of satisfaction, they also provide a practical item for the field; helping save, improve and protect the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. Each gift you buy is delivered to the field.
How do Inspired Gifts work?
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When you buy an Inspired Gift for friends or family, it is immediately dispatched to reach a child who needs it now. A beautiful card describing your life-changing gift is sent by email or post to the person you name as being your gift's donor. Alternatively, you can opt for a PDF card, sent to your email, so you can print it out and deliver it yourself.
When will my card be delivered?
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If you choose to order a hardcopy card, you should allow 10 working days for delivery. Hardcopy cards are only available for delivery within Australia. If you choose the e-card or PDF version, they will be delivered immediately.

If you have any questions about the delivery of your order please call 1300 365 943 between the hours of 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri.
Are Inspired Gifts 'real'?
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Yes they are. UNICEF Inspired Gifts are far more than 'virtual' gifts or 'examples of what your money can do' - they are tangible, life-saving and life-changing gifts that are being distributed to children and communities around the world year-round. For example, UNICEF procures vaccines for 40 per cent of the world's children.
Will I get two cards if I purchase two of the same Inspired Gifts?
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Yes, and you are able to nominate a different delivery address for each card, if you wish.
Is there a guarantee that the gift I select is the one that will be delivered to the field?
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We respond to the real needs of children around the world. As a result, there may be some cases in which the Inspired Gift you have selected will be substituted with one from the same category, because there is a greater need for it. That way, you will always know which area of our work you are supporting and can feel assured that it really is helping the world’s children, right now.