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Together, we can make history and end the pandemic for all.  

From city centres to remote communities, the COVID-19 pandemic turned all our lives upside-down. But we came together as a global community to support each other and help lower income countries with weaker health systems to efficiently rollout available doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Since the pandemic began, we have helped to deliver tests, treatments and more than one billion vaccines to some of the hardest to reach places.

But it’s not over yet. The pandemic’s long-term impacts are still unknown, but the flow on effects to poverty, education, mental health and healthcare systems are vast and will impact a generation.

That's why we’re still on the ground, addressing inequity challenges, delivering vaccines, and protecting other essential services, such as routine immunisations, WASH programs in schools and strengthening health systems, so everyone, everywhere has an equal chance to survive and thrive as we learn to live with COVID-19.

We’ve made great progress, but the race is not over.

More help is needed to turn vaccines into vaccinations, prevent new variants, and strengthen health systems to cross the finish line.

A woman is receiving a vaccine. She looks happy. She is gesturing a V with her hand.© UNICEF/UN0524775/Bax

Meet Noelle, a registered nurse in Vanuatu

The Pacific Islands can be some of the most remote places on earth, and there were many Islands where the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines was a challenge. Through the COVAX facility, we were able to ensure the supply and roll out of COVID-19 vaccines doses whilst advocating for the importance of vaccines in preventing disease to communities.

Noelle, who works in a COVID-19 ward, was one of the first people to receive her COVID-19 vaccine in Vanuatu. 

"I think the COVID vaccine is really good, it will help protect us. I am happy to get the vaccine today, I feel safe,” says Noelle.

You helped make history

When vaccines began rolling out across Australia in 2021, we launched the ‘Give the World a Shot’ campaign to support the largest and fastest vaccine equity campaign in history.

We're proud to say that 7,500 generous Australians answered our call, contributing to the delivery of 1.5 billion vaccines* to low– and middle–income countries. From children donating their pocket money, to organisations donating a dose for each staff member vaccinated, Give the World a Shot has made history and we’re grateful for that.

One billion vaccines delivered through COVAX.

Thanks to people like you.

1.5 b

the Give the World a Shot campaign contributed to deliver 1.5 billion vaccines to low- and medium-income countries.

$8.8 m

was donated by generous Australians to support UNICEF’s global response to India's COVID-19 crisis.

Now we’re strengthening health systems, ramping up community outreach and helping children and families recover from the COVID-19 pandemic impact.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF’s global response has focused on strengthening health systems, especially in low- and middle-income countries who were hardest hit by the pandemic.

UNICEF Australia has played a key role in the COVID-19 response in the Asia Pacific region. With funding from the Australian Government and the private sector we directly supported six COVID-19 response projects in Asia Pacific, which focus on health, nutrition, education and protection impacts of the pandemic, together with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Meet Ashutosh from Nepal

After sadly losing his father to COVID-19, Ashutosh’s mum was worried for her son who suffers from asthma, which in Nepal places him at high risk to COVID-19. Thanks to the help of our supporters, Ashutosh was able to receive the vaccine. 

Ashutosh receives his COVID-19 vaccine

A young boy recovered from post-COVID complications thanks to oxygen provided by UNICEF India © UNICEF/UN0687892/Panjwani

Helping families recover from the India COVID-19 crisis

In April 2021, we launched our India COVID-19 Crisis Appeal in response to India facing its second wave of the pandemic. Sadly, the death toll was surpassing 200,000 and the number of new infections was rising above 17 million. Our work supported India’s health system with supplies and maintaining essential services. We worked with partners to deliver urgently needed medical equipment including oxygen, personal protection equipment, hygiene supplies and critical care.

Helped by funds raised from everyday Aussies, just like you, we supported more than 41 million children and women to access primary health services, as well as installing 4,650 oxygen concentrators and 40 oxygen generation plants for providing emergency care to people with COVID-19.

Here, 11-year-old Munaf is with his mum and dad at a hospital in Jamnagar for a check-up. He has recovered from post-COVID complications thanks to oxygen provided by UNICEF India in May 2021.

Let's finish what we started together

We need your help to turn vaccines into vaccinations, prevent new variants, and strengthen health systems to cross the finish line.

A line of people wearing masks, waiting for their vaccination
© UNICEF/UN0447266/Prasad Ngakhusi