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Syria Crisis Appeal

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UNICEF appeals for urgent funding to help Syrian refugee children.
No lost generation: Syria’s children need protection now and for the future.

What can you do?

Children in Syria bear the brunt of the continuing violence. Please help us reach them with access to school, food, water, and protection facilities.

  • 10 blankets can provide comfort and protection for vulnerable children.
  • micronutrient powder is able to be sprinkled onto any food at any time and $98 can provide enough for 2400 sachets.
  • $247 is enough for a early childhood development kit, ensuring that a child's development isn't sacrificed during a crisis.
Please feel free to donate any amount you like, every dollar counts.
Please fill in the highlighted text field above with a dollar amount or click on one of the dollar amounts above
*Support long term development by making a monthly donation to where the need is greatest.

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