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Sponsor a Child

In becoming a UNICEF Global Parent you're supporting all vulnerable children not just one.

If you're looking to sponsor a child, read on... It is our firm belief from years of working in this area that singling out an individual child or family is not the most effective way to tackle the large structural issues that keep people trapped in poverty. Children aren’t deprived simply because of a lack of education or health or food or clean water – these are the symptoms of poverty and hence, UNICEF works to build the strength and capacity of communities at every level to change these structural inequalities.  Child Sponsorship does help but your generosity can help more than one child to develop.

UNICEF does have a regular giving program where you can become a Global Parent.

When you become a UNICEF Global Parent, your donations go much further than the sponsorship of a single child or a helpful one-off donation. We take a holistic view of a child’s wellbeing and work with all players, communities, governments, companies and non-government organisations to ensure their needs and rights are being met.

sponsor a child today

While many organisations ask donors to sponsor a child individually, this can potentially interfere with family or community relationships. Global Parents provide long-term assistance to children and communities regardless of their gender, race, religion or ethnicity, and reach children where the need is greatest. They allow UNICEF to reach more countries and access into many areas where other organisations cannot.

UNICEF is not funded by the UN. We rely on voluntary donations for our work with children in more than 150 developing countries and territories. With your help we can make the world a better place for all children – and create a brighter future for us all.

UNICEF Global Parents’ regular donations let us know the extent of funds we can commit in advance, allowing us to plan effectively and transfer funds quickly when necessary.  Your regular gift with sponsor children across the globe.

Become a Global Parent today and you can make a huge difference to the lives of millions of children.