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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 2014For children impacted by conflict in the Middle East and parts of Africa, 2014 was a tragedy. Ebola too has claimed and changed the lives of children in West Africa. To each and every one of these emergencies UNICEF responded, despite the unprecedented call on resources created. UNICEF Australia supported our colleagues in the field by responding to the extraordinary funding needs.

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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 2013In 2014 we move toward a milestone celebration of the awareness and protection of children’s rights: the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It’s the work we’ve done in Syria and the surrounding region, the Philippines and in more than 200 emergencies over the course of 2013 that reminds us of our ability to innovate and respond, for all children.

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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 20122012 marked a year of many successful partnerships for UNICEF Australia including the 21st anniversary of the Qantas Change for Good program. Australians donated $20 million to UNICEF's work around the world to improve children's rights, including to health programs in Zimbabwe, child protection programs in Pakistan and education programs across South-East Asia and Pacific.

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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 20112011 was a year of enormous change. The 7 billionth person on the planet was born. Uprisings across the Middle East demanded an end to politcal and economic oppression. Australians donated over $1 million to UNICEF education and gender equality projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. UNICEF assisted in vaccinating over 7.9 million children affected by the crisis in East Africa.

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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 20102010 was a year of conflict, natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies including the Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods. The 2010 Annual Report highlights a year in which Australians donated $23 million to support UNICEF’s work with vulnerable children around the world. More than 60,000 children were helped to survive the cold and harsh conditions of the winter crisis in Mongolia.

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UNICEF Australia Annual Report 2009The 2009 Annual Report charts a remarkable year in which Australians donated more than $12.8 million to fund UNICEF’s vital work with more than 10,000 people making regular monthly donations as UNICEF Global Parents. It was a year in which UNICEF Australia, alongside ambassadors and supporters, helped protect and promote the rights of vulnerable children in Australia and across the globe.

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