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In five years, a lot can change. For more than 5 million Syrian children, life has been put on hold as the conflict in their home country enters its fifth year and many try to rebuild their lives in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. For Syria’s youngest children, poverty, displacement and violence are all they have ever known. UNICEF appeals for urgent funding to help these children and their families to survive this vicious ongoing conflict.

More than 5.6 million children inside Syria, and 2 million refugee children in the surrounding regions, remain extremely vulnerable. Many are in grave danger without basic needs like safe shelter, nutrition, access to clean water, healthcare, and education.

Healthcare and education are crucial to a child’s opportunity to survive and to thrive. But inside Syria, many hospitals and schools have closed to be used as shelters - many have been damaged, or even destroyed. More than 2 million children and their families have taken refuge outside Syria in neighbouring countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.   These children, who have had limited or no access to education or healthcare for several years, are the same children who are to be Syria’s next generation of teachers, lawyers, doctors and leaders.

“I can’t wait for Syria to return to what it was and we go to live and laugh there like we used to. That’s all I want. I would eat dirt if it would bring me back to Syria. If only…”

More than a wish list - A surival list UNICEF needs your help to provide:

Humanitarian needs have increased twelve-fold since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, with 12.1 million people currently in need of humanitarian assistance.  

  • Food
  • Clean toilets
  • Medicine
  • Schooling
  • Safe places and shelter
  • Trauma counselling
  • Winter clothing
  • Vaccinations
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The Syria Crisis is impacting an entire region, their children and their futures.

For the past five years, UNICEF has been providing Syria’s children with life-saving support in the form of shelter, life-saving nutrition, clean water and sanitisation, temporary learning spaces and psychosocial services. But with no end in sight for the ongoing conflict, the children of Syria desperately need your support.

Syria’s children may have lost their childhoods, but we won’t let them lose their futures too. Support UNICEF today and help provide a better future for the children of Syria.
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