Discover wonderful people and places every month with Paddington Bear

Sign up for a monthly gift of $25 and as a bear-sized thank you, Paddington will send your child a personalised postcard (and more!) every month. With each pack, they’ll explore a different country with Paddington and learn about the life of a child who lives there.

Perfect for children aged 4-10, Paddington’s Postcards is a wonderful way to teach your little adventurer about how other children and families live around the world. UNICEF receives 100% of your monthly donation which goes towards supporting children around the world!

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Everything you and your child will receive from Paddington each month:
Monthly Postcard
A postcard from
A story from a child
around the world
Monthly Postcard
Fun & educational

Your child will love receiving a new country’s postcard from Paddington each month.

Learn about the life of a child from different countries and cultures.

Activities to spark the imagination. These can all be logged in
the travel journal.

Plus stickers, fact sheets, bonus info, and more!

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“It's a real treat. They sit
down at the kitchen table & rip it open straight away”

- Thomas, parent

“It makes me feel excited”

- Bertie, age 7

How do I sign up?

  1. Click the 'sign up now' button
  2. Enter your payment information for your $25 monthly gift
  3. Enter the details of where you'd like your Paddington's Postcards to be delivered
  4. Thank you - your welcome pack will arrive within 2 weeks

In signing up to Paddington’s Postcards, you’ll be setting up a $25 monthly debit to UNICEF. Your first gift will not be tax-deductible, but all subsequent gifts will be able to be claimed in your tax return. You’ll receive Paddington’s Postcards for up to 12 months. After this time, your monthly gift will continue. We hope you’ll feel able to continue to support UNICEF and protect vulnerable children all around the world, but you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

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Due to Covid-19, Australia Post are experiencing longer delivery times than usual, and therefore there may be a few days delay in you receiving your postcards from Paddington.

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Your Questions Answered

Is it a one-off payment or a monthly subscription?
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Paddington's Postcards is a monthly subscription, where for a $25 donation per month you'll receive a personalised postcard sent to your recipient of choice, an activity book, stickers, fact cards and more. Your subcription teaches your child about the world, whilst providing a much-needed donation to support UNICEF's work for children.

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time.
Can I send Paddington's Postcards to an address outside of Australia?
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Unfortunately, due to mailing costs we are only able to distribute Paddington's Postcards within Australia.

You can buy directly from our friends at UNICEF UK, New Zealand and Ireland via their websites.

How long will it take to receive my welcome pack?
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We're currently experiencing longer delays in postage with Australia Post due to COVID-19. At the moment, we find packs are taking about two weeks to arrive from first signing up. We expect the delays will shorten as restrictons ease here in Australia.

If it has been longer than two weeks, please contact us via our Facebook, by emailing our helpful Supporter Relations team at or calling 1300 884 233

How do I sign up for someone else’s child as a gift?
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If you would like to sign up on behalf of a child for whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, we recommend addressing the postcards to the recipient’s family (e.g. The Jones Family) when adding delivery details on the next page. Please also tick that you are not providing children’s data on the next page.
How long is the subscription for?
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When you sign up to Paddington’s Postcards, you’ll set up a $25 monthly donation to UNICEF and receive monthly packs for 12 months. After this time, your monthly gift will continue — we hope you’ll be able to keep supporting our work to protect every child.

You can of course change or cancel at any time by contacting us via our Facebook, by emailing our helpful Supporter Relations team at or calling 1300 884 233
Why is UNICEF partnering with Paddington Bear?
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Paddington’s kindness, tolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity or marmalade-related mishaps make him the perfect champion for children.

With help from you and Paddington, UNICEF can continue to build a world where every child is happy, healthy and safe. Your donation will go to support UNICEF’s work around the world.
Can I send Paddington's Postcards to a school or class?
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Of course, as long as you have permission from the school or class teacher. We find Paddington's Postcards a great tool to teach your class about the world, whilst also bringing the joy and excitement of receiving mail addressed specifically to your child's class. Simply enter a name like "Mrs Smith's Class" or "Class 2R" in the postcard addressee form and select "I am not entering a child's data" when prompted. 

Your child's journey begins with a welcome pack, including a letter, world map poster, travel journal, stickers and a postcard from London.

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