Children in Gaza are in desperate need.
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UNICEF Australia works with Australian-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs), International NGOs with a presence in Australia, and civil society organisations to protect children's rights and futures. Together, we fundraise for programs, advocate for change, and deliver strategic programs— all to protect children and help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. 

Our global cause partners include:  

  • Faith-based organisations and religious communities.  
  • International NGOs and like-minded Australian NGOs.  
  • Service, women’s and diaspora organisations.  
  • Cultural, social, sport and charitable clubs.  
  • Professional and trade associations.  
In Papua New Guinea, children from two opposing tribes play soccer.
UNICEF supports schools in Lao PDR with essential clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities, including a water tank with pipe fittings, hand washing and toilet facilities. 
© UNICEF Laos/2020/SSihaphom

Why partner with UNICEF?  

  • We can be your choice of implementation partner in any part of the world that aligns with your strategic priorities to enhance the wellbeing of every child. 
  • UNICEF has saved more lives than any other humanitarian organisation. We protect children’s rights and help them fulfill their potential – from early childhood to adolescence.  
  • UNICEF Australia is an Australian charity with a global footprint. Our UNICEF colleagues operate in over 190 countries and territories to provide children with the foundation they need to thrive. 
  • We partner with communities and governments to innovate and embed positive change into laws, policies, and practices, ensuring meaningful and sustainable change at the greatest scale.  
  • We are always there before, during and after emergencies. With the support of our partners, we grow community resilience, deliver lifesaving aid and support communities to build back better.  
  • UNICEF has the largest humanitarian supply warehouse in the world that can ship to anywhere within 72 hours, and its buying power has lowered the cost of immunization and other necessities for better child health.  

UNICEF is a 100 per cent donor-funded organisation and its our donors and partners that make this impact possible. From emergency relief to long-term development solutions, with your partnership, we can be there for every child. No matter what.  

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