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Welcome to UNICEF Australia’s parent and teacher resource hub – a dedicated space to helping you support the children and young people in your life.  

Being a parent, teacher, or carer is an incredibly rewarding journey, but it isn't always easy. Whether it’s preparing lessons or sitting down at the dinner table, talking about big issues with children and young people can be challenging, especially around topics such as mental health, emergencies, online safety and the climate crisis. 

That's why we have brought together a set of free and easy-to-use resources with top tips, interesting insights and fun facts to help teachers plan their lessons. Plus, we’re helping equip parents and carers with the tools to have conversations with children and young people as you navigate their ever-changing world with them.  

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Let’s take a deeper dive into our parent and teacher resources 

What does UNICEF Australia do? 

We are an Australian charity with a global footprint, supporting UNICEF’s ambition to ensure every child in need, here in Australia and around the world, is healthy, educated and safe. 

For Every Child, A Fair Chance



UNICEF Youth is a space for young people to explore the big issues Aussie kids care about, such as climate action, cyberbullying, child rights, and so much more. Plus, they will be inspired by other young people advocating for a better world for all. 

Actions you can take with young people